The House of Galilee is a house that produces solutions in God. It is known for its strength in the Word of God and in worship. We thank God for this house.

In 1 Timothy 1:18-19 The Apostle Paul encourages us to use prophecies that we received to engage in spiritual warfare as a transportation to our destinies. He also encourages us not to lose faith but keep taking massive gallops towards the destination.

Follow the updates as we journey through the departments of this house by means of a good warfare and our weapons being prophecies and the Word of God.

Using prophecies to wage war can bring about great discoveries and can propel our faith to new levels.  
Obedience to God's voice can save a nation. Generations and generations can follow a totally different path because of obedience. 
The Lord revives us when we become weary. He revives us for greater works. Transformation brings out a new being in us. 
Never allow anyone to temper with a Word you have received from God. Keep it in your heart and run with it. May the word be delivered where cracks and gaps have been closed for you to be protected from environmental contaminations. 
Watchmen know when there's something new approaching the compound. It is their duty to sound an alarm whether what they see is good or bad news. Those being warned can prepare accordingly.
The woman with the issue of blood in the bible waited for a very long time to have an encounter with Jesus. The disciples of Jesus did not have as much compassion as their leader but she made it through. 
All answers are with the Chariot of the house, we continue to wait for either a response or the acts.
The Hybrid Chariot needs to either put that load inside the bus or offload…help Lord.
Were the hazardous trees attended to? How about the detached branches, were they assisted after the storm? Did the house of Galilee assist the stressed trees?
The donkeys were found but the journey of Saul still continued…
Healing is for every child of God. Claim your healing by meditating on the Word of God. Allow your spirit to be full of the Word.

True messengers always faithfully proclaim God’s every word…

If prophecies are delaying exercise patience, remember that God’s Word burns like fire. Keep fuelling and never lose faith. There is no delay in God.

Those that serve in the house of God at times become weary. Let’s always remember their dedication in the season when they were serving diligently and lift them up in their time of testings.

There are many who are holding on to this prophecy, allow them to catch a ride as we keep moving forward.
If the deep waters or challenges you go through were revealed to you…then what you go through is not a trap…

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