A chariot is a vehicle. A vessel. A container. A mode of transportation. The Intercessory Chariot is a conveyor of prayer. A conveyor of intercession. The lens around the logo of The Intercessory Chariot resembles an eye of an eagle that has a range of vision over eagles who desire to convey the Word of God and prayer to multitudes through all forms of creative writing and arts.

An Intercessor is someone who avails themselves to speak to God on behalf of others through prayer. A person who takes time to pray for the needs of others, for them to be delivered from oppression or for them to be able to comprehend the blessings due to them from our heavenly Father. An Intercessor must operate through partnership with the Holy Spirit, who gives us the ability to love and the ability to go deep into matters of those we intercede for.

The Intercessory Chariot collaborates with The Apostolic Judge to bring the fullness of God’s strength, character, and wisdom to this mandate. The same way Apostle Paul encouraged Timothy to war with prophecies, The Apostolic Judge fuels The Intercessory Chariot to war with prophecies for God’s people to be delivered and healed.

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