Duties of an Intercessor

I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest, and give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth. (Isaiah 62:6-7)

An intercessor reminds the Lord of His promises until they are fulfilled.

To remind the Lord of His promises we must always be cognizant of what we know and believe about Him in our hearts. We must know His promises, both the promises found in the scriptures and the promises received by revelation – revelation that is aligned to the Word of God or aligned to the principles of the Word of God.

We need to continue to grow in our knowledge and our faith in the character of the Lord as spoken of in the scriptures. This includes the belief that He desires to fulfil those promises and is capable of fulfilling them.

An Intercessor is one who fights (or pleads) for Justice, to prevail on behalf of another. Isaiah 59:15 & 16

To plead to God for justice we must believe that God is just, but we must also understand that in that place of justice the Lord is also merciful.

An intercessor is one who builds the wall (or hedge) of protection. In such situations we are standing in-between the people of God and their problems or issues, to protect them from danger and help build a spiritual wall that will strengthen them to stand in health and wholeness. Ezekiel 13: 4 & 5
To build the wall of protection, we must believe we have the authority and the ability to build. We must believe that, like Nehemiah, we are commissioned to rebuild. We also have to be trained and equipped to build.
An intercessor is one who stands between God’s judgment and His people and pleads for mercy. Ezekiel 22:29 & 30
To stand between God’s judgment and His people, we must know His LOVE for His people and believe He is merciful. And we must know that He will not act contrary to the character of His Good Name.
To grow in our effectiveness as intercessors, we should always desire to grow in the experiential knowledge of God. We must grow in our understanding of His Character – to correctly represent Him in our daily walk; and we must grow in our understanding of who we are and what our authority is in Christ Jesus when we stand before our God in intercession.

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  1. Glory be to God for this awesome teaching. This was right on time for the season of intercession that I have entered into. God be with you all today and always!

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  2. Very truthful..I am truly grateful for the study of intercessory prayer…thanks for writing and sharing it with me…looking forward to more reads in the future…

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  3. When we believe in Christ Jesus, trust in his promises, obey his word, submit to his will, humble our ways, say yes have your way in my life, renew in me your right Spirit. He will never leave us ALONE but, we’ll become ALL ONE in him. ENTER – SESSION’S – OF – PRAYING – WITHOUT – CEASING.

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  4. To God alone be all the glory for opening my eyes more to understand d duties of an intercessor. God bless u real good.

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  5. Thanks so much for sharing!!!
    I am reminded that we must continue to come together in prayer with a bold confidence in God’s promises according to His will. let us also remember to enter into intercession not just for oneself, but always for others who stand ahead of us in the need of prayer. I believe that the blessing will come behind and shower us as we entreat, meet, and reach God for His Glory!

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  6. An intercessor is one who must deny himself, carry his cross and follow Jesus Christ our savior, many thanks for the subject

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  7. Growing in intercession requires you to work on your relationship with God. Yearn to be more intimate with Him. From there He will lead you on how to grow as a child of God, which will result in you praying more for your loved ones, salvation of souls, your leaders, nations and so forth. Let your focus be Jesus always. 🙏


  8. It is very encouraging to what the pastors have posted for the meaning of intercessor am very humbled.


  9. Thanks for letting me know about this, please I need your prayers for my spiritual growth in dis intercessory work, thanks and may God continue to bless your efforts true Christ our Lord


  10. It really gave me a new understanding of being a intercessor thank you you for the lovely msg on intercession may God bless you

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  11. I’m so over ecstatic about the word of the Lord and being an intercessor and learning from others I really appreciate others coming with the word of the Lord

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  12. I really enjoyed this word and I will always do my duty to help others more than myself may God bless you


  13. An intercessor is not one who prays for 5 minutes for a person and leaves that person hanging . This is serious full-time job yhat requires all your time to help those in need. This is my answer for intercession- one who stands the gap for a person in need until the problem is solved. Pray earnestly,sincerely,with faith believing for an answer. Go forth army of God and conquer the sins of this world and bring hope to those who need it. :

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  14. Indeed, it’s only but the work of grace to be called into the ministry of intercessory. I in know way takes it with levity but with graciousness and willingness not to make this grace vain.
    Thank you for the enthusiasm you’ve impacted on me via this knowledge. MORE GRACE, MORE REVELATIONS

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  15. Holy Spirit just revealed to me I’m called to be an intercessor’s intercessor. What an honor to know His calling on my life. My desire is the Father’s heart for His glory. Thank you this has truly blessed and encouraged me. P. Jennings

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  16. Like how this is clear, concise and backed up with scripture. Good food for the spirit. Great confirmation of God given revelation of paths, gifts and purpose.
    Thank you Godhead (Our Father, the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit) for choosing, calling, comforting, leading and guiding us in Service & TRUTH.

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  17. Thank you for this messages it helps a lot for me. Glory to God. Its really enlightened me how to be an intercessory. Please include me in all your prayer to be more sensitive to the word of God. I’m blessed by your teaching. God bless us all

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