Overflowing Revelation

If you are blessed with an anointing of operating in high levels of revelation knowledge, it is vital that this anointing be paired up with high levels of wisdom. Most importantly, this needs to be committed in the hands of God. When this anointing is not wisely controlled, it can lead to excessive sharing of information which tends to overburden the listeners.

Revelation knowledge is given to us to know deep secrets of our God. This knowlegde is given to us by the One we call the Lord. The One who is the strength and pillar of our lives.

Paul in the book of Ephesians 1:17 prays that God grant us a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him. The Amplified bible version ampifies the word revelation as “insight into mysteries and secrets”, it also amplifies that the knowledge of Him should be “deep and intimate.”

What I have observed with this anointing of revelation knowledge is that it does not only operate when you are in Christ, or it does not start operation only when you have grown up or matured. If you were born with this anointing, it starts operating at any age and the knowledge you receive is from the lord that gives you strength. Your belief system becomes your lord and feeds you with abundant revelation that will lead you to your destiny.

The big question you must start asking yourself is, who is your pillar of strength? Who is your lord and where is the fountain of your revelation knowlegde planted?

Anger can give revelation, confusion can speak to you, discouragement can give revelation and education can give you revelation. Anything that you strongly believe in can equip you with abundant revelation. The revelation knowledge you receive will lead you to deep intimacy with the one who provides the knowledge.

It was only after I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour that I realised that the source of my revelation knowledge had changed. The revelation would still come in floods but this kind also gave me a sense of relief and emotional healing. when I started writing all that I received, I found myself sharing less and less with people and journalising what I received. This helped me to share at the right time with relevant people and not just bombaard people with what I received.

It is important to ensure that your revelation bank is in order at all times for you to progress in life. What do I mean? when you have an overflowing revelation anointing, you store a lot of information in your system. Those revelations you receive are not only for yourself. Some are for sharing only once matured, some are for sharing only with certain groups, and some are not for sharing at all. Revelation 10:4

When you receive a revelation in your bank, shelf it, engage the Lord on it and understand it and once it is ready for sharing, share it with the relevant people. The receiving bay to your revelation bank must be clear at all times to allow for fresh anointing. Clear your shelves regularly to allow for the flow of anointing.

As you grow in the knowledge of God, continue to commit your revelations to God, seek wisdom and also commit your revelation storage which is your bank to God.

Pray for discipline to manage your revelation bank because mismanagement of the insights and secrets given to you can open doors for the devil to steal from your bank and block insights that are destined for manifestation.

When John was about to write what he heard from the seven thunders in the book of revelation he was instructed to keep what he had heard a secret. Revelation 10:4 – When the seven thunders spoke, I was about to write. But I heard a voice from heaven saying, “Keep secret what the seven thunders said, and do not write it down.”Discipline to keep secrets is the key to operate with peace in the realm of God’s mysteries.

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