It is what you focus on that is magnified in your life. You end up not seeing what surrounds you. All other things are consumed by your area of focus.

I won a battle because the Lord my God instructed me and disciplined me. I won a battle, I overcame territorial spirits in a very hostile spiritual environment. The Lord taught me about His love. He instructed me to focus on His love for the people around the hostile environment. He taught me to see through His spectacles of love.

When you focus on God’s love for His people and love as He loves, offence cannot penetrate your heart. The love of God becomes your protection. This is the love that does not judge. Focus on Him and the love He has for His people. He will keep you calm in times of adversity. Whatever fights your progress will fall into the pit dug by Whom you focus on in the days of adversity.

Psalm 94:12-13

Blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) is the man whom You discipline and instruct, O Lord, and teach out of Your law,That You may give him power to keep himself calm in the days of adversity, until the [inevitable] pit of corruption is dug for the wicked.

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