The love of God is unconditional. Unconditional love is a conduit for impartation. If there is no love, the gift of God in you cannot be transported to another. When the one connected to you for growth through mentorship does not meet your expectations and love stops flowing…check your heart. Search for bitterness that could have grown through disappointment, hurt or discouragement. Ensure you receive healing through forgiveness and repentance. When you don’t allow for healing, the conditional love in your heart turns fresh anointing into fermented anointing (sour anointing). What was suppose to flow out as fresh anointing to another becomes a blockage of what was meant to be a gift of God in your heart and becomes a burden or curse. It develops into a wound that harbors bitterness.

Conditional love is not genuine. It has too many conditions to meet. Nothing flows through it. It brings destruction and stagnation. We aught to live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ.

Lord have mercy on us and teach us on how to present a pleasing aroma to You. May we have strength to endure unconditional love. Love that sacrifices for others. Amen.

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